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A chemical solution that rejuvenates the skin through exfoliation and peeling. Also includes cleansing and hydration treatments.

(If this is your first-time appointment without Laziza's approval, please book a consultation appointment (virtual or in-person).

Benefits of peels include:

Prevents acne

Chemical peels help with acne because they lower the pH of the skin, making bacteria uncomfortable and unable to survive, so they are suitable for most types of acne. Peels remove the surface skin debris leading to a healthier complexion with less clogged pores.

Improves efficacy of other skincare products

Because peels remove the top layer of skin, it's able to help other products you put on your skin penetrate deeper. This is especially helpful if you're pimple-prone and are slathering on acne treatments.

Refines fine lines and wrinkles

A peel will help to remove dead skin that has settled into fine lines, making them less visible. A medium-depth peel will help the most with wrinkle refinement.

Reveals clearer, glowing skin

Chemical peels remove the flaky, irregularly-attached dead skin cells from the face, leading to a compact stratum corneum that reflects a beautiful glow. In addition, there is a slight inflammatory component may occur, and this creates a collagen boost when healed.

Treatment Options:

Salicylic Acid Peel - great for someone with congested, acne-prone skin. Clears congestion, clears away oils that build up and cause comedones and has anti-inflammatory properties that can offer relief to inflamed breakouts.

Lactic Acid Peel -  peel designed for sensitive skin. It evens skin tone, hydrates and fades discoloration.

Jessner Peel - medium depth peel which removes sun damage, improves hyperpigmentation, scarring, wrinkles, and restores elasticity.

TCA Peel - peel that penetrates deep, making them a good choice for those with scarring or pigmentation issues. TCA peels can help with minimizing fine lines, sun damage, and acne scars.

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